Thaihot CHINA Open SS Premier 2014 : FINALS (16th November 2014)

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    I'm sure we have heard or read of good players who are injured, yet they won in the final.

    A player of LD's caliber, who said he is recovering from his knee injury, not hampered by it, should not give it as a reason for his loss. As I have highlighted, LD moved rather well and easily. Indeed, as a true sportsman, he did not attribute his loss to his "recovering knee" but conceded that he had not prepared adequately. Despite this, he entered the finals. That showed how good he was. But SK was better prepared and took his chances well that led to LD's defeat in his hands.

    I thought someone said that LD hurt his knee in the Denmark Open playing against CTC. But that was wrong information as he was injured during a football game after the Asian Games. No wonder he said he was recovering as he must have sufficient rest after that.

    Obviously LD did not want to be humiliated again, so the best decision is to withdraw from the ongoing Hong Kong Open and prepare himself more adequately for his next battle. I hope he will not take things too lightly and make amends for his recent defeat.
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    He's such a douche, ain't he?

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