3x21 rally vs. 3x15 service vs. 3x15 rally scoring system

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which scoring system do you prefer?

  1. 3x15 old, service scoring

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  2. 3x21 current, rally scoring

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  3. 3x15 rally scoring

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    This is an excellent point.

    I do quite like the old style of scoring, but I can see why they changed it because from a theoretical sense, only winning when you serve doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and the lengths of games can vary wildly which is a nightmare for tv/court booking/coverage.

    I think I'd be cool with 'Best of 5 sets to 15, rally-point'. In one of the singles comps I play, we already play '3x15 Rally' and as pointed out above by ezish, the only real downside is that it doesn't give you many points to analyse your opponents game, and it doesn't give you many points if you're a slow starter (Like I tend to be) or one of those players that works yourself into a game, or do better in a points-deficit situation.

    I don't really think we should concern ourselves about what the BWF thinks, because the reality for club/amateur badminton, is that all three scoring systems already co-exist together.

    Heck, I've played some comps that are 'first to 30 points, Rally'.

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