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    Hello everybody,

    Before asking something, I would like to introduce myself to everyone who is reading this. My name is Faisal Qureshi. I am from Pakistan and presently living in The Netherlands (Holland) with my parents. I have been playing badminton since one year now. I play at a local club here in The Hague. My coach is really satisfied with my performance and says that I have improved quite a lot in only one year. At the moment there are three teams in our club. Team 1,2 & 3. They have chosen to put me in team 3. But because I am improving so quickly and can also beat some of the players from team 2;) they have asked me to be alert, because in a competition, if someone from team 2 doesn't show up, they are going to ask me to take that guy's place! :cool: which really made me feel nice. I play 3 to 4 times per week and if anyone is interested in visiting my club's website, then here it is http://www.bcstc.nl Unfortunately, it is in Dutch:(

    Now the question...I wanted to ask you guys which channel covers the most badminton events on TV? And also, where can I download videos from the Korean open of this year?

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