Tracing badminton through! 4 an essay!

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Paul March, Nov 6, 2000.

  1. Paul March

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    I was wondering if anyone has any information on an essay question that I have been set. I am studying Sports Science BSc and have related the below essay question to badminton:

    Select a sport or leisure activity and trace its historical evolution within the chosen period 1780-1990s making particular reference to the public commercial and voluntary sectors where appropriate but especially place your chosen activity/sport within the changing political social economic and cultural climate through time.

    If anyone has any ideas, links, information, or essays could they please sent me any relevant information.

    I would appreciate it

    Thank you

    Paul March
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    i have a suggestion.

    am i am serious about it. with all the requests of people doing coursework on badminton, perhaps they should all post their essay after they are done, i will archive it, and perhaps the rest of us and the other people visiting the site will learn something from it? and the others with similar needs will get some help?

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