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    First, much <3 your facility. Good location, clean, spacious. Love the tall ceiling, some other lower facility make you feel like suffocating all the time. Now there are a couple of suggestions that I would like to make:

    Checking in: On a busy day, sometime it would take up to 20 minutes and couple of trips to the front desk before I can get into the system for queuing. A more streamlined check in would reduce work for the front desk and less wait for player. I like Z's sign in system with member id for faster check in.

    Queuing: currently there is no protection against people messing with others' queue. I have several instances where people in my group got moved to longer queue while we were not watching and resulted in argument on the court. Bin Tang's simple password system is a good example on dealing with this.

    Aggregated training/reservation/class schedule: sometime I show up with my group only to find that two courts are reserved for corporate group, two are for class/private session which left only three open courts to be fought over for the remaining crowd. I usually bring a group of 4-8 and it would be super if we can figure out ahead of time which day would have more open court.

    Thanks for the great badminton venue.

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