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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by jeyel, May 15, 2000.

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    <html>It's crunch time for Malaysia tommorrow against Denmark. I think the edge lies with Denmark from the poor displays dished out by Malaysia so far. What do you all think?
  2. cheers for South Korea - malaysians will prevail

    <html>I think that both teams are mentally weak, but Malaysia usually gets through on homeground, no matter how ugly it gets. Should be a really tough fight though. <p>Depends on the lineup also.<br>(1) we know that Denmark can't really vary their lineup...<br>(2) chances are that wong will lose to gade, so 1-0 denmark<br>(3) i think malaysia will win the first doubles<br>(4) 2nd singles is a crunch match, poul-erik has lost his confidence, and so has ewe hock... hock kin did -okay- against india (no one is saying that it was a good performance though). if i'm correct, ewe hock has a good record against poul-erik, and he certainly is out to payback his country and to win back the support of the fans. if ewe hock is fielded i say he will win... if hock kin is fielded i say poul-erik will win<br>(5) 2nd doubles - cheah soon kit and yap kim hok are a magnificent pair, gritty and gutsy... they will win... <br>(6) malaysia should bag the third singles, either rashid sidek or hock kin should win it<p>Anyway, three cheers for South Korea and the chap who beat Poul-Erik!
  3. Malaysia out (3-1 at this point)

    <html>Malaysia's out. Poor performances by 2nd singles and 2nd doubles.<p>

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