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Discussion in 'Australia / New Zealand' started by xDuusk, Feb 14, 2022.

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    Feb 2, 2022
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    I recently got into badminton and typically play once a week on the weekend but was looking to play more throughout the week.

    But to my surprise, every centre around me is fully booked out during the week due to "permanent bookings". Which means it is actually impossible to get a game in outside out the weekend?!

    Being new to the scene I was wondering if this is just standard practice? As it seems really unfair and doesn't allow any opportunity for newcomers like me to play during the week.

    There are some socials but the ones I have gone to are way beyond capacity and typically means waiting 15mins+ between games which makes it not worth it at all.

    It's disappointing that I'm not able to play more often as I'm keen to improve. Just wanted to see if others in Melbourne shared the same experience as me - or is this the same everywhere? Did you all go through this process of having to pray to secure permanent booking spots from people who cancel?

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