NEWS : Thailand to withdraw team in protest at IBF draw

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    published in a Thai news site. seems to contain the view point of the opposite end of IBF....


    Thailand to withdraw team in protest at IBF draw

    Published on Mar 13, 2003

    [BADMINTON] Thailand’s badminton association has withdrawn its players from March’s Sudirman Cup Mixed Team Championships in Holland in protest at a lack of transparency in the draw for the international event.

    Professor Charoen Wattanasin, president of the Badminton Association of Thailand (BAT), said at a press conference yesterday that it is the first time Thai players have pulled out of a world-class event after competing in International Badminton Federation-sanctioned tournaments for 50 years.

    Charoen said the BAT lodged a strong official protest over the way IBF Event Committee chairman Jeff Robson conducted the draw for the 2003 Sudirman Cup.

    “The IBF informed us via the internet on February 3 that the draw was done. It was a surprise that they did not tell us in advance when and how the draw was made,” Charoen said.

    “There are 53 nations involved and participating in the tournament and, therefore, the draw of the tournament must be made with the utmost transparency. However, they did not do so in accordance with international standard practice.

    “They did not do so in the spirit of fairness. They did not follow the same principle as the draws of the World Grand Prix Series have been made in line with maximum transparency,” he added.

    “We [the BAT] asked them how the Sudirman Cup draw was conducted, they e-mailed us saying that it was carried out in front of four IBF staff and took all of 10 seconds. How could the draw for a prestigious tournament where more than 50 nations are taking part be done behind closed doors and in front of only four IBF staff?.”

    After the draw Thailand were in Group 1A with China and South Korea, while Indonesia were in Group 1B with Denmark and England.

    “Our withdrawal is not because we are afraid that we will lose to China and South Korea,” Charoen said. “I don’t think it will be strange if we happen to lose to both teams again this time. However, we are protesting against an unfair draw.

    “It should be made more transparently and allow us more chance to display our spirit. The draw made us feel as if we had to surrender both teams before the competition has started.

    “We are proud and privileged that Thai teams have been competing in IBF events since 1950 and they have conducted themselves in an exemplary manner. They used to be good winners and excellent losers. It’s impossible for us to accept unfairness in making the draw, behind closed doors, for this prestigious tournament.”

    The team’s withdrawal from the Sudirman Cup, Charoen said, would not have a great affect. He is convinced the Thai team’s three-months of training for the meet will not be wasted.

    He said the training will be put to good use when the Thai team competes in the US$140,000 Japan Open and the US$200,000 Korean Open next month.

    Preechachan Wiriyanupappong

    The Nation

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