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    Hi all,

    I've put together a listings of all the socials in Melbourne that I could find, with times, prices, locations and other information, as a service to fellow badminton members. Hopefully, it will be of some use to people, especially for those new to the sport or looking for a change of scenery to play at.

    For event organisers, it's a great way to bring more visibility and attendance to your events. I will eventually be expanding the list to cover Australia-wide socials, as time permits. Right now there are already 90+ social badminton events listed from around Melbourne.

    Please have a look at https://badmintonnow.com, where events can be sorted by name, venue, cost, duration, or searched in detail. All feedback, additions, corrections, etc are more than welcomed to help me improve the site.

    The site is and always will be entirely cost-free and ad-free, for badminton players who have a similar love of the game, as I remember how difficult it was to find an easy to use list of socials when I first started playing.

    Thanks for reading!

    UPDATE: I have added a review section for each event, feel free to use it!
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