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    Macau Badminton Association (MBA) will be organising its first IBF (International Badminton Federation) Grand Prix event, the Macau Badminton Open 2006 from 19th to 23rd July. This event will be held at Tap Sec Multi-Sport Pavillion.

    MBA has offered a total amount of US$ 120,000 prize money in this inaugural 4-star grand prix event. The event will be played in full 5 events (men's & women's singles & doubles, and mixed doubles).

    The closing date for entries is 30th June 2006 & the seedings will be based on the 6th July 2006 IBF world rankings.


    1] Organiser : Macau Badminton Association
    Complexo Desportivo de Mong-Ha,
    Rua Francisco Xavier Pereira,
    Macau, China
    Tel: (853) 238035 Fax: (853) 238038

    Macau Sport Development Board
    Av. Dr Rodrigo Rodrigues, s/n, Forum de Macau,
    Edificio Complementar Bloco 1, 4 andar,
    Macau, China
    Tel: (853) 580762 Fax: (853) 343708

    2] Sanctioned By : International Badminton Federation (IBF)

    3] Dates : 19 to 23 July 2006

    4] Venue : Tap Sec Multi-Sport Pavilion
    Rua de Ferreira do Amaral,
    Macau, China
    Tel.: (853) 522023 / Fax: (853) 522026

    5] Prize Money : Prize Money: US$ 120,000 (4*)
    (Distribution of prize money is in accordance with IBF regulations).
    Medals for all winners, runners-up and two third-placing

    Event Entries
    Main Draw Qualifiers
    Men’s Singles 56 8
    Womens’ Singles 28 4
    Men’s Doubles 28 4
    Womens’ Doubles 28 4
    Mixed Doubles 28 4
    6] Events :

    7] Entries Closing Date: 30 June 2006

    All entries must be made on the enclosed entry form & send to the following address:
    Macau Badminton Association
    Complexo Desportivo de Mong-Ha,
    Rua Francisco Xavier Pereira,
    Macau, China
    Tel: (853) 238035 Fax: (853) 238038
    Entries submitted by National Association must be according to national rankings for all events. All entries should be accompanied by player’s IBF number (if available).
    8] Seedings / Draw : Seedings will be done according to IBF world rankings of
    6 July 2006

    Seedings and draw will be conducted by IBF.

    9] Championship Dates: Day 1 Wednesday 19 July 2006 – Qualifying Rounds
    Day 2 Thursday 20 July 2006 – Championship Events
    Day 3 Friday 21 July 2006 – Championship Events
    & Quarter-Final Matches
    Day 4 Saturday 22 July 2006 – Semi-Final Matches
    Day 5 Sunday 23 July 2006 – All Final Matches

    (The above schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the Referee and Macau Badminton Association.)

    10] Rules & Regulations: The championship will run in accordance with IBF Grand Prix Regulations.

    Alteration of the competition schedule due to television coverage or unforeseen circumstances may arise and will be announced by the referee.

    11] Scoring System : New scoring rally points system will be played in this championship.

    12] Entry Withdrawal : Notification of withdrawal(s) with valid reasons must be submitted immediately to the organiser by fax/email.

    Withdrawal(s) made after 7 July 2006 due to injury or illness must be supported by medical certificate.

    The Organizing Committee may require documentary evidence to support withdrawal(s) for any other reasons.

    If withdrawal arises after players have arrived in Macau, notification of withdrawal, accompanied by supporting document, must be made in person to the referee or his deputy.

    In any case of withdrawal(s) from the main draw, the Referee reserve the right to decide whether to substitute the withdrawn player/pair with the highest ranked player/pair from the Qualifying Round.

    13] Clothing & : Advertising on clothing & colour of clothing shall be Advertisement regulated by Advertising Competition Regulation 19 to 23 on
    page 115 to 120 in the IBF Statutes 2005-2006.

    Please note Competition Regulation 20.3.4, “In World Grand Prix events, it is recommended that, from quarter-finals onwards, the opposing players in each match wear different colours from each other”.

    Please note Competition Regulation 22.3.4, “In World Grand Prix events, the name of the player on the back of the shirt is mandatory”.
    14] Important Functions: Team Managers Meeting – 18 July 2006 at 1700 hrs (Venue to be confirmed)

    Umpires Briefing – 18 July 2006 at 1800 hrs (Venue to be confirmed)

    Welcome Dinner – 19 July 2006 at 1900 hrs (Venue to be confirmed)

    15] Shuttlecock : WILSON shuttlecocks will be used throughout the event.

    16] Doping Test : Dope testing will be conducted as per WADA regulations.

    Please note Competition Regulation Appendix 3 “Anti Doping
    Regulations” on page 127 to 158 in the IBF Statutes 2005-2006

    17] On-court Doctor : There will be on-court doctor on duty throughout the competition at the tournament venue.

    18] Accreditation : Players and team officials will be issued with ID passes and are required to wear passes at all times. Players and Team Officials are required to bring along their passport size photos for accreditation purposes. All accreditation passes will not be valid without the photo of the person concern attached to it.

    19] Press Interview : Players are required to attend to press interviews immediately after their respective matches and at any requested time (eg. Press Conference, practice sessions, etc.) whenever necessary.

    20] Practice Courts : Practice courts will be available from 17 July 2006. The organising committee will prepare an overall equitable practice schedule, taking into considerations the size of each team and priority on a first-come-first-serve request basis.

    Practice sessions can be arranged upon request through the tournament secretariat at the hotel. However, this is subject to court availability. Team with players still in the competition will be accorded higher priority in booking of practice / training courts.

    21] Official Hotel : HOTEL ROYAL, MACAU
    Estrada da Vitoria, Macau
    Tel: (853) 552222 Fax: (853) 563008

    Room rate: Single/Twin Sharing Room at US$65 nett per room per night (inclusive of breakfast) for all room reservations made for 17th to 23rd July stay only.

    Any reservations made for stay before & after these dates will be charged at walk-in guests’ rate.

    All room reservations must be made through Macau Badminton Association.

    All teams are required to reconfirm their check-out date upon arrival/ check-in at the hotel.
    22] Transportation : Transportation will be provided between the airport / ferry pier and the Official Hotel upon arrival and departure.

    Ground transportation to and from the tournament / training venue will only be provided to participants staying at the Official Hotel.

    23] Flight Details : Teams are requested to inform & provide Macau Badminton Association of their arrival date, time and flight number etc. at least 7 Days before arrival.

    24] Visa : Visa for Macau can be applied upon landing (please refer to attachment). Please visit the Macau Government Tourist Office website for more information on getting to Macau

    25] Insurance : Please ensure that your team officials and players are covered with the necessary insurance policy to meet the current requirements.

    Attachment (extract from website of Macau Government Tourist Office: ):

    Passports and visas

    All visitors must hold a passport or a valid travel document. Please note that the validity of these documents must not be less than 30 days since the day you enter Macau.

    If travel arrangements are made through an agent, the visa processing is handled by Macau tour operators.

    A. Visas are required by all visitors except:
    a) Residents of Macau;

    b) Nationals of Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Croatia, Czech, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mali, Malta, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania and the United Kingdom(6 months) for a stay up to 90 days;

    c) Nationals of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, Indonesia, Kiribati, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Namibia, New Zealand, Philippines, Samoa, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the United States of America and Uruguay for a stay up to 30 days;

    d) Nationals of China with valid Macau entry/depart documents, including residents of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas Chinese for a stay of up to 30 days;

    e) The "Hong Kong Identity Card", "Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card" or "Hong Kong Reentry Permit" holders may stay in Macau for a maximum period of one year.

    f) Holders of Diplomatic Passport or "Laissez Passer" issued by the United Nations.

    g) Holders of Consulate/Diplomatic documents issued by the Macau SAR or Hong Kong SAR.

    B. Visas can be obtained from the Immigration Services through Embassies/Consulates of the PRC and should be used within the validity, the visa is expired after the valid date.

    C. Visas are also available on arrival in Macau at the Immigration Services for a period of 30 days.

    There are three types:

    Individual - MOP$100, for individual traveler for a single stay of up to 30 days in Macau, children under 12 years of age pay MOP$50.
    Family - MOP$200 for couples, husband travelling with wife and or children (under 12 years of age) of same surname or on proof of their relationship.

    Group - MOP$50 per person for bonafide groups of 10 or more and children aged 12 or under.

    For further information, please call (853) 725488 or visit the website of Immigration Services:

    For those who want to travel to mainland China, visas may be obtained at any of the China Travel Service (CTS) offices counters in Macau (the main branch is located at Rua de Nagazaki, 35 – tel.853-700888) or at the Gongbei Immigration and Customs (after the Border Gate) .

    Portuguese passport holders who need the consulate's assistance may go to the Portuguese Consulate located at Rua Pedro Nolasco da Silva, 45, or call Tel: (853) 356660/1/2 or fax: (853) 356658.

    On arrival
    Visitors are usually subject only to routine inspections. The importation of firearms without special permission is not allowed as well as other illegal and dangerous items. Drug trafficking is punished by law!

    Other items are not restricted nor subject to the importation duties, providing they are carried in reasonable quantities and contents.

    More information:

    On departure
    There are no export duties in Macau: antiques, gold, jewelry, radios and cameras among other items are duty free articles.

    However, Hong Kong SAR customs authorities will only allow visitors one litre of spirits plus 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 gms. of tobacco into the Hong Kong SAR duty free. Hong Kong SAR residents are allowed to take in only 0.75 litre of still wine, plus 60 cigarettes or 15 cigars or 75 gms. of tobacco.

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