Losing to Lin, Xia talks about the loss due to fatigue

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    Losing to Lin, Xia talks about the loss due to fatigue

    Information Times 2003/11/14 (arranged by Wang Wei)

    I lost to my teammate Lin Dan in the men’s singles semi-final today.

    Although I lost the match, I think it was a reasonable defeat as I think I am tired from all the tournaments.

    During the match both Lin and I are fighting furiously, we dived to save many shots during the game, this is the specialty of the both of us, but it also causes a lot of injuries.

    During matches in the two previous days, I had to go to 3 games to defeat my opponents. Both matches lasted more than 60 mins, playing such long matches used up a lot of energy. During today’s match it was clear that I didn’t have enough energy reserved, I was so depleted that losing points didn’t matter to me at that point.

    Lin and I watch Bao’s match after we were done with ours. Although Bao lost, we think it was only a match, don’t pay too much weight on it, there is still a long journey to go.

    No matter how you look at it, all our younger players played very well today, as their elder brother I am very happy for them. After the lost today I said thanks to the fans in Guangzhou who cheered for me, I thank these fans who supported me even though I lost the match.

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