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    Might be a long shot, but I'm looking to trade for JS10 3U only, and I mean the commercial 3U version, not 3U with player code such as KRP and MYP version, nor some of the limited 3U found in the early days when JS10 first came out which are only heavier in the handle compared to 4U versions.

    These are the racquets I have for trade:

    JS12 3U
    JS10 KRP 3U
    JS10 MYP 3U
    JS10 4U
    BS12 2U
    TK9900 3U MYP
    ZFII 3U G5 black/blue
    ZFII 4U G5 yellow
    ZFI 3UG5

    Sorry these racquet are not really for sale, and ONLY for trade for JS10 3U.

    Prefer to deal locally in the Toronto area, but if shipping is not too expensive, would consider that route as well.

    Please PM me

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