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    I do not how corrupt PBSI is. But the split of Candra/Sigit looked like requrested by Candra not PBSI. At first I thought this was the trick of PBSI to purposely lower their rank so they can play 2nd double in TC. After PBSI fielded their TC line up, I believed Candra/Sigit had problems themselves. If it was the case, I doubt they can perform better even force them together.

    On the bright site, after this TC, China surely will be very strong. INA is the next team up sicne the other 3 power houses were even worse. At least INA singles were all young players. And INA tranditionally can come up very good double players. If they can restore their doubles and gaining more experienced (less problems) singles, INA will still pose big threat to China. With badminton popularity in INA, I could not imagine long draught from INA team.

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