how do you deal with stubborn students?

Discussion in 'Coaching Forum' started by kwun, Oct 18, 2004.

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    Hi Trainedtotrain,

    Sorry! I disagreed with you.

    Once a student has picked up a bad or unwanted habit, it will be very difficult to correct in later days. Sometimes, these unwanted habits can be permanent and the student's future in badminton could have been ruined!

    I would go back to review my basics: D.E.E.R. (Demonstration, Explanation, Execution, & Review); or I.D.E.A.S. (Introduction, Demonstration, Explanation, Assessment, & Satisfaction)

    Usually one of these steps must have been wrong. I would like to find out if my performance of any of the above steps is not good enough. My next alternative would be a discussion with another coach who is specialized in motivation.

    Even when the student is forced by his parents to come to learn badminton, it is you job to motivate him.

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    Smack 'em across the back of the head : )
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    My old coach saw my potential and took me aside. He said to me " brad you have the natural talent and with some guidance can go very far. I am willing to coach you personally, and be that guidance if you accept. But on 1 condition. You set your goals. You follow my steps. And if you dont agree to push yourself in every aspect, and follow what i show you and teach you then i wont bother training you."

    I realised it was a big chance and agreed. And in turn i progressed at a tremeandous rate. When id have a final come up hed take me aside before the game and say, brad you can win this but only if YOU want to. If there isn't strength or will behind your passion to win this match then you have no chance. He is a strong player and will take every chance he can get. Give it your 100% and i know you have a tru chance to take this title."

    If i lost i know i gave it my best and i was never disapointed and he could always see that and seemed very proud of me. If i won he always said "i could see every step of the way that you had tru committment to everything."
    (what iv said is what i remember not exactly what he said word for word.)

    Anyways on topic give him the chance and explain to him that its up to him committing and wanting to learn. If he continues to do it his own way and ignore you then warn him that your not going to waste his time if he doesnt commit or change his attitude.
    If it continues contact his parents and let him know that you dont want him training with you anymore.
    If hes playing for fun and purely for that then let him go to social clubs and stop wasting peoples time and money.

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