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    It is still unbelievable to see this thread keep on bulging even after the so called Marin's interview is completely explained and addressed.
    I do remember the very same incident which occurred in London Olympics. The injury was unfortunate. But the opponent in any way responsible for that? Though this current situation is totally different from that, people were very vocal on that occasion. They even went on saying that Saina need to return back her medal to Xin. How could it be even possible?

    Coming to Marin's view on the injury part after reading the context of the interview (thanks to renbo and s_mair for the translation ) , it's clear that she was referring to previous tournament (world championship) and she did not want the injury part to affect her concentration.
    BUT HER SCREAMING FOR EVERY POINT SHE SCORED AFTER LI XUERUI started to play after her injury was out of the world arrogance.
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    I checked the the head to head record between Marin and Li Xuerui in Tournament Software. Marin almost defeated Li Xuerui in their first encounter in Korea Open 2012. She led 19-18 in the deciding game before Li Xuerui fought back and won the match 21-19 Perhaps, in the interview she referred to that match. Unfortunately, we don't have the video of that match so we can't see whether Marin's statement is right or not.
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    Justin, you're all over the place here...

    I'm not evading anything. Your question was "Lastly, I repeat, would you or renbo have done what Marin did ?" - and I asked if you meant "on court, during the game", or "after the match, at the post-match interview". Now I understand from your last post quoted above, that you meant the latter. BTW, I think I answered both, for good measure.

    I'm honestly beginning to think, that you don't really grasp the concept of verbal context. At least it seems so, but I highly doubt it - you're one of the debaters in here that I respect for your normal quality of content, I think the issue here is that you're still stuck with your first perception and sort of feel offended by Marin, so now she has to be put down. Stubbornness we could call it.

    To put it simple - your first take in this thread, was that you thought Marin had said: "LXR faked the injury". Now, that was before any translations, context, or anything was available. Several users (including someone not S_Mair, Renbo or myself) said, wow wait, let's get the authenticity of this and a proper translation before we jump to any conclusions. You clearly didn't want that, because as you said: "No smoke without a fire". And that's the line we feel that you're sticking to. Because when you get to hear the interview as a whole, it becomes clear for everyone, that Marin didn't say: "LXR faked her injury in that match". No, she said that due to history, when it happened on court, she would keep on playing 100%, because the Chinese players had been faking (or exaggerating) injuries, to gain an advantage. Now there's a very clear distinction between these two statements, a distinction you seem to ignore.

    Furthermore, Marin screaming when she wins a point, is simply part of Marin playing 100% to win. I don't like it, but that's what she do. To psyche herself up and give it her best. So when she's on court at the OG, playing 100% to win, she screams. Simple as that. And as I think everybody agrees here, including you, if the opponent is playing on, you play on - and you give it 100% to win. Again, I emphasize, I don't fancy her screaming, so when you ask me if I would have done the same, my answer have to be "No". But that doesn't mean I think she's totally out of line and should be penalized, etc. Things are not black and white like that.

    Finally, you complain that we mention other players, yet you bring forth Hope Solo several times, even though the two incidents have nothing in common at all. I mentioned Ratchanok, to support my explaination of the situation Marin is in after winning the match. I think you're capable of understanding that if you want to. I could have mentioned any of the top seeds who lost out before the medals. she was the first that came to mind.

    It's very clear that we will not come closer to concensus, so I think I'll leave this thread alone now. Either you simply will not see our perspective (for whatever reason, Renbo has speculated on one), OR we simply disagree about what's OK and what's not, and how Marin's statements should be perceived. Either way is OK for me, whether it being you that are passionate about the players involved, or the two of us agreeing to disagree :)

    I'll look forward to reading your posts in other threads, always giving a nice insight to Chinese badminton and some behind the scenes prespectives for those of us who can't read Chinese.

    Have a nice weekend.
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    Jesus Christ. This is really getting ridiculous. She even wished her quick recovery right after the match when she find how serious her injury was. Just check out her official Twitter. Peace out.
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    Who wouldn't ?

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