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    Dear BC members:

    Please allow me to give a brief introduction to our club here.

    Our club is the official badminton club for the University of Melbourne, Australia. We represent Melbourne University in Australian University Games.

    We currently have over 170 active members. Our membership is open to public, and any one can join our club. We are currently offering 3 types of memberships, and the prices of memberships are subject to your eligibility. More information about our memberships can be found here.

    During Melbourne University semesters, we have 3 social sessions each week:

    Thursday: 3-5pm, 4 courts
    Saturday: 1-5pm, 4 courts
    Sunday: 2-3pm, 4 courts
    3-5pm, 8 courts

    All our social sessions are held in Melbourne University Sports Center, in Tin Alley, Carlton, Victoria. The Sports Center is of walking distance to Melbourne CBD.

    Our club hosts roughly 3-4 competitions each year. The most important competition is the Melbourne University Open, normally held in September. This competition has 5 grades: Open, A, B, C, and D. This competition is open to public and generally attract very high quality players.

    Two of our ex-club members are now members of the Australian National Badminton team.

    We also offer beginner to intermediate coaching sessions to our members on Sunday from 1-2pm. The fee for each session is $5.

    The website of our club is:

    Please feel free to post in this forum if you have any questions about our club. We will be more than happy to assist you.

    Thank you very much.

    MUBC Secretary

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