Badminton club and/or courts near Sanam Pao station

Discussion in 'Thailand' started by Fabien913, Dec 3, 2016.

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    Hello everyone,

    As I posted on the main topic regarding where to play badminton in Bangkok:

    I am French and I will stay in Bangkok for a year for work. I live very close to Sanam Pao station.
    I am looking for two things near this area
    - a badminton club where I can train to improve my game drastically (2 to 3 lessons a week)
    - a gym with badminton courts to play with everyone (Thai and non Thai)

    I can use the metro of course but not > 30 min from my place.

    Even if I am a young beginner regarding Thai language, I do not care if the coach and people I meet do not speak English. I am very friendly and I will adapt.

    Do you have some piece of advice?
    Don't hesitate to add / contact me on Facebook (Fabien Cherbourg) or by e-mail at

    Thanks for your time.

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