Are there two China national teams?

Discussion in 'World Cup 2006' started by 2cents, Oct 28, 2006.

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    china has 4 layers

    first team consists of: lin dan, bao chunlai, chen hong, chen jin, chen yu, and a few more players

    second team are: li yu, lu yi, qui yanbo, lu qicheng, wen kai, du pengyu, ...

    third team are the junior players born in 88 - 90 (the best 88 and 89 players already went to the second team like wen kai or lu qicheng)

    forth team (shao nian dui) are players born in 91 or younger

    soo ... china has a lot of potential! actually most of them are not able to play their level on tournaments. usually their training level is unfortunally a lot higher than their competition-level. that's what china has to work on!

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