anybody got an iPhone 11, and tried filming with it(w/wide portrait view)? Does it get full view?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by ralphz, Feb 19, 2020.

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    I run into the issue when videoing my games, that if I go portrait, I get the width but don't get the racket head. I could tilt the camera/phone app then I get racket head but not feet.

    And if I go portrait i'd get the racket head but not the width.

    I'm trying this without a tripod (a tripod would draw more attention than i'd like when used for a game), I.often sit the phone on a bench.. If a phone combined portrait and landscape that'd be good and is what i'm looking for..

    I just read this article
    "Apple's XR introduced wide-angle portrait mode to the iPhone, but the 11 and 11 Pro improve on it with more accurate depth maps thanks to the availability of the ultra-wide lens. Thus, the 11 offers a very good wide Portrait mode via its standard lens, and the 11 Pro offers both telephoto and wide portrait options."

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