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    san francisco CA
    There is NEW CLUB OPENING? Anybody heard of this? Its suppose to be located in San Carlos and Opening day is soon. Any Info?
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    Yes, it is a new badminton facility in San Carlos. The website is updating everyday, but the preliminary information as membership, lesson schedules are there. People had the test drive comment it the best badminton facility in Bay area in terms of its professional PVC badminton courts on hardwood floor, high ceiling, and well designed lighting. Check it out before it gets too crowded.
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    2009 Usa Badmintonjunior International


    Sponsored by Affinity Badminton Club, San Carlos, California​
    Saturday, February 14 – Monday, February 16, 2009​
    403 Quarry Road, San Carlos, CA 94070
    (650) 752-8071, (650) 593-3422,
    Tournament Director: Chris Lawrence Affinity Manager: Eva Huang​
    The 2009 JIT results will determine the junior athletes who will represent the United States in the ​
    Pan American Junior Championship (August 17-
    23 , in San Juan-Puerto Rico) and
    BWF World Junior Championship (TBD) for Team and Individual events. The Junior Pan Am Team can be up
    to 4 boys and 4 girls. The Junior Worlds Team can be up to 5 boys and 5 girls. The two Teams may contain different athletes. Junior Pan Am
    Individual events will be held for
    U19, U17, U15, U13, and U11 (depending on number of entries), Consolation may or may not be included. Junior
    Worlds Individual is for U19 only, no Consolation. The U.S. may enter up to 4 Singles, 2 Doubles pairs, and 4 Mixed Double pairs in each Individual
    Athletes desiring to compete in an Individual event(s) in any age group must submit a JIT entry form including
    those events, even if not competing for the Team(s). Please note: There is no USAB funding designated for either International event.
    The following criteria will be used in the selection procedure:
    1 The winners of GS, BS, GD, BD, and XD from JIT are selected first.
    2 Doubles pairs are selected together. If one athlete of a winning Doubles pair is unable to compete the other athlete is consequently not
    selected (but may be selected by step 4 below)
    3 If for either boy or girl the above does not yield enough athletes, the Singles runner-up at JIT is selected next.
    If for either boy or girl the above does not yield enough athletes, the next athlete(s) is(are) selected in order of JIT scoring total across all
    three events – Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles – using the Junior National Team scoring:
    Each 1st Place = 30 points Each 5th Place = 3 points
    Each 2nd Place = 15 points Each 6th Place = 2 points
    Each 3rd Place = 7.5 points Each 7th or 8th Place = 1 point
    Each 4th Place = 5 points
    4 In the event of a scoring tie with fewer spots available than tied athletes a coin toss(es) will select.
    5 Any remaining Team spots after all JIT results are exhausted will not be filled.
    6 The Team may be different for Pan Am and World Junior Championships.
    7 Singles events will be Pool Play per USA Badminton regulations. Doubles events will be Pool Play unless the number of entries is too
    large in which case they will be Elimination. USAB’s pool play rules require all of an athlete’s pool matches to be completed or none count
    8 The JIT results will be used to select the Team and U19 athletes for both events above, except that Team members will have priority for
    Individual events. Higher priorities will also be given to JIT individual entries in other age groups (i.e. U17 and younger).
    9 The above criteria are to select the Team athletes. U19 Individual athletes are selected by the JIT U19 event results.

    Friday, February 13 6:00pm – 11:00pm Registration, players’ practice
    Saturday, February 14 9:00am – 11:00pm Registration, Tournament Play
    Sunday, February 15 9:00am – 11:00pm Tournament Play
    Monday, February 16 9:00am – 5:00pm Tournament Play

    It is the intention that each event will commence on Saturday February 14​
    th. Players should be available to play on each of
    the three days of the Trial (Saturday February 14
    th – Monday February 16th)
    : BS, GS, BD, GD, and MX in the following age categories: U19, U17, U15, U13, and U11. Player’s age must be under the age
    category as of December 31, 2009. Each player may enter a maximum of 3 events.

    Entry Deadline: ​
    Postmarked by January 20, 2009. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

    Entry Fees: ​
    $40.00 per person for one to three events. Make checks payable to Affinity Badminton Club.

    Eligibility: ​
    Limited to those able to represent the U.S. per BWF regs.: U.S. citizen or on BWF International Representation waiver list.
    Committed to travel & represent the U.S. in one/both events. Attach Passport copy to confirm citizenship & ability to travel.
    Please forward questions to .

    Official Hotel: ​
    Extended Stay America in Belmont, CA

    Transportation: No transportation provided to hotel or airport.

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