A Classic for LCW

Discussion in 'Dutch Open / Denmark Open / French Open 2007' started by ye333, Nov 3, 2007.

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    That's so true, while LCW managed to defeat LD in straight sets for many occasions...
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    LD took 3 games to down LCW in their previous matches when LD won is because LCW always play best when he is the underdog and LD had to dig into his reserves to overcome LCW.

    At crucial moments LCW lost a bit focus and that is lethal when LD is on fire.

    Whenever LCW meet LD one can say LCW is more consistent with his standard and LD won because he has to put in extra focus and speed than LCW.

    When LD beats LCW, LD had to play 110%,and he has tat extra 10%. But you cant bring out all the reserves all the time cause sooner or later your ability to bring the reserves out go down with time.

    When LD is not focussing well, LCW always win because LCW's level of play against LD has been consistent. LD has said that he must always push himself to the limits in training because LCW Peter Gade and TH are the ones who can push him to the limits.

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