Yonex FRENCH Open 2016 - SEMIFINALS (29th October)

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    I was able to stand quite close of the court during this WD and I clearly confirm the attitude of the lady from the Chinese pair was similar to Carolina Marin on her days off..

    You could even hear some questionable words outspoke before rally with an "let kill them" attitude to it (talk about a way to stress out the opponent, call that toxic behavior).
    I don't mind the celebration between tough points but I am concerned about keeping respect on the opponents no matter who they might be.
    A simple solution could be to just don't show off.

    After the lost in the second game I saw the moral of Takahashi and Matsutomo reaching the floor (mainly for to playing well enough), instead of keeping some fuel to enter the 3rd game and use their rock solid defense to break the Chinese momentum the girls really pushed to finish the match in 2 straight games while the Chinese were still doing 110% effort.

    (I personally was thinking at that point that it might be a good choice to stop pushing and avoid risking some injury during a simple Super Series knowing they have a nice cushion in the rankings and can take a early rest. It was not worth the risk at that point for the gold medalist.)

    During the 2nd game the young Chinese pair did a great job by anticipating some drop shots and leveling up their defense to match the Japanese, they avoided middle back court problems during clears thanks to their hardcore motivation.
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