XXXII Tokyo OG 2020 : DAY-9 (1st August 2021) MS Semifinal, WS Bronze & Gold Medal Match

Discussion in '2021 Tournaments' started by CLELY, Jul 31, 2021.

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    alright @Justin L and @j4ckie . my apologies for seeding it in the first place. but please please cut out the political discussion. let's go back to talking about badminton.
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    Sure thing. I'd just like to point out that I have no anti-China bias whatsoever (I always take both view points with a big grain of salt, as I've experienced zealots on both sides of the fence regarding the topic) and that my comments on Russia are mostly based on conversations with Russian and Ukrainian friends and their experiences, which are indisputable, and not opinion pieces or articles with anonymous sources or sth. I think this short defense of my person against claims of prejudice or bias is fair and not an actual continuation of the discussion, feel free to correct me if you see it differently.

    As rightfully requested, I will not continue discussing the topic, so I won't address any of the points made besides those concerning me directly - you're absolutely correct @kwun, we should get back to the thing we all have in common here, rather than other, more divisive ones :)

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