Why to Cut Strings of the Racket

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    Why to cut the rackets Strings Reasons
    Reason 1
    If Strings are broken then the remaining strings put asymmetrical pressure on the rackets.
    If that tension is very high then racket frame will break.
    for example if the mains break after the knot That is zone 2 then there are 70%-80% chance that racket frame will break.
    If the Strings break in the Middle of the racket that is zone 1 then the weight is will be adjusted a little bit so the chances of breakage are reduced to 20% - 40%.
    We usually cut the strings to equalize the tension on the frame so the racket won't break.

    There is a amazing video of how to cut the strings from Badminton Central on Youtube

    I would additionally want to add is you should start cutting the strings from the opposite side of the broken string.
    & try to cut it in 1 go.

    Reason 2
    The String looses the tension after stringing since they are multi filament. If the tension becomes unplayable then you should cut the strings.

    Reason 3
    You don't like the string you currently have.

    Reason 4
    There is new string in the market. Which you have to Try.

    Reason 5
    If strings do not mach your playing style.

    What are your reasons to change / cut the strings.

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    I agree with the main points of your post, particularly cutting the strings as soon as they break and not waiting to see your stringer to do it. It makes me cringe every time a client proudly shows me where the strings snapped and all I see is a racket head painfully out of shape.

    However these percentage you give are totally made up. Frames collapsing after a string breaking is a rare occurrence and from experience tends to happen as the string snaps and is usually happening where the frame was already weakened or cracked. The exception to that is lightfighters and flashboost frames, these seem to break for no reason.

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    Many recreational player tend to do this. Letting a snaped string as it is & even play with it. Glad they never use high tension string, if not poor the racket.

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