what happend to taufik

Discussion in '2001 Sudirman Cup / World Championships' started by pa player, Jun 9, 2001.

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    i was reading the news release on www.worldbadminton.net and found out that taufik had pulled some muscle. there was a pic also but nothing more than that - a pic and half a line saying that he pulled an adductor muscle...

    anyone knows what the story....
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    That report came out very quickly after the match. (good work)
    An adductor muscle is in the leg. Its action is the same as its name...adduction of the leg. (bringing towards midline).

    It was surprising considering that movement of taufik just before the injury. He didn;t particularly stretch too much. But injuries can occur at anytime in professional sports people. If there is more behind the story, then Taufik and Hendrawan are acting very well! (Or my acting standards are pretty low)

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