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Discussion in 'Mandarin Badminton' started by deadman85, May 15, 2009.

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    Being a member of the club for about a year, i realized that alot of people don't play fair and obey rules and regulations at the club.

    I understand the 30 minute chair system where 8 players are to share a court. They are to play at the 30 min mark and the hour mark and rotate. I don't understand why the older generation players don't follow the rules and share the courts.

    One time i was sitting on the chairs waiting for our turn to play on the court. when the players finished, i was getting my racquet and shuttles and then someone walked right onto our court, he calls his friends over from other courts to play, i told him, that we were waiting and it's our turn. he says there's no other court available, so being a nice person, i let them play first, we waited for 30 mins, they did not finish a game yet coz they were playing the old point system, so i asked him to get off and he replies game is not done and it's best 2 out of 3 games.

    So i went to the front desk and complained and he wouldn't do anything, he says he didnt see it happen and that's it's my responsibility to get on the court. i was very upset about that incident.

    Another time the same thing happened, i obeyed the rules and regulations and i get pushed around. I complained once again and we only got half the court where as my 2 friends had to sit out and wait another half hour before getting to play.

    My friends and I who paid full membership at this club was very upset at how we we're treated. I can honestly tell you guys, Mandarin Badminton club does not want our business. So when my membership ends, they won't be seeing me again.

    And i urge those who plan on getting membership to becareful, we play badminton to have fun, and not to be pushed around like that.

    Thank you to those reading.
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    I completely get where your coming from. I too had full membership there for one year and never renewed it. First off, like you said, there are these people that are always there, take forever and feel that they are special and do not need to wait their turns. Wait times are insane there. Another thing is, they never seem to have had all the courts open due to training and lessons. I'm thinking of joining Flying Dragon because of the way their system works. There should be no problems, although if you tend to play a lot, it might get expensive with court rental fees.

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