[Review] Li-Ning 3D Calibar X Drive

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    3D Calibar X ____ is a mid-low end of Li-Ning Calibar series. Calibar X have 3 type of racket.

    Drive => Medium flexible shaft (Most stiff out of all the 3 rackets) for ease of defense and drives
    Boost => flexible and slightly head heavy for all round play
    Combat => Most head heavy for attacking style player

    The price is halved of the Calibar 900 series.

    3D Calibar X frame is aerodynamic, the edge is not as sharp as the top tier calibar but it's aerodynamic enough to swing fast and felt less air resistance. I'm on the market looking for flexible and slightly head heavily racket to play when I'm kinda bored with my 100X. So I decided to buy Calibar X Drive second hand.

    Balance point 305 mm.
    Weight 82 g.
    Shaft: Medium Flexible
    Grip size S1 (G6)
    Max Tension 30 Lbs.

    I strung the racket with Li-Ning No.1 Boost @ 26Lbs

    Initial thought
    Decent paint job by Li-Ning. The racket is light in hand. Swing feels light (tad bit heavier than Victor 100X but barely noticeable). The shaft feels flexible and whippy but not much.

    Smash (9/10)
    Smash is super easy with this racket. The head speed that I can generate with this racket is as fast as 100X and with help of slightly head heavy balance and flexible racket producing very good smash, though not as heavy as TK-F but X Drive smash comes out easier. The only problem with the X drive in smashing is the flexible shaft. When I put 100% of my power in smashes, sometimes the shaft cannot keep up with the speed and power causing those "flyers" that flew out of the court. Half smash is on par with 100X but the feeling blew 100X out of the park since 100X have the "hollow" feeling when smashing.

    Control (7.5/10)
    The head is quite stable on the shot and it is pretty accurate and the shuttle go where I wanted it to go.
    Not bad for a mid tier racket. Drop shot is easy to pull off but not as easy as 100X. Keep this in mind that medium flexible shaft sometimes become too whippy if you put too much speed into the shot.

    Net shots (8.5/10)
    Slightly head heavy does help in doing tight netshots and it is easy to judge the power. Deception is quite easy too pull off since the weight is quite light.

    Drives (9/10)
    As the name suggests, this racket is made for drives situations. Combine with medium flexible shaft, drive shots are powerful and fast. Aero dynamic head does help in maneuverability. Very nice.

    Ease of play (10/10)
    Clears are very easy (Not as easy as 100X but good enough). Backhand clears are easy as well since the shaft helps.

    This racket is for Beginner to Intermediate players, higher level players will find these Calibar X shaft too flexible. But other than that, if you wanted to find a all round racket that is medium flexible, I don't think you can find anything as good as this in this price range.

    Feel free to ask questions, I will answer asap.
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    Thank you for the review. Have you tried the higher end Calibar rackets? I am interested in getting my hands on the 900B since they are restocked. But the price is extremely expensive so I wonder if it will be worth it. I have tried the lowest end before, the Calibar 300 series, but to be honest they felt awful. And weren't there also the Calibar 600 series? Where does the Calibar X situate between all these series?

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