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Discussion in 'Racket Recommendation / Comparison' started by joshua_lim, Sep 5, 2023.

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    Jun 18, 2019
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    Hey guys! It's been a while since I touched a racket and I am looking to get back into the game. I would consider myself to be an upper-intermediate player. At least 4 years ago ....

    I would say my biggest weakness is power since I am 5'10 - 130 lbs. But what I lack in power I make up in speed and accuracy. I can out drive almost anyone within the group I play in.

    I play a mix of singles and doubles.

    Budget - $400 USD

    Old racket from 2018 -
    ArcSaber 11 / 3U
    Astrox 77 / 3U

    - Josh
  2. gimmeracquet

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    May 27, 2023
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    I have a few suggestions according to the information you have given:
    Yonex: ArcSaber 11 Pro, Astrox 77 Pro, Astrox 88S Pro
    Lining: Aeronaut 9000C, Halbertec 8000
    Victor: Thruster K Falcon Enhanced, DriveX 10 Metallic
    You should pick 3U versions, since you used to play with 3U rackets before. However, 4 years is quite a long time, maybe you should get a racket to test your current condition first before deciding on 3U or 4U.
    I don't know about the racket prices in your area. I would pick 77 Pro + Halbertec 8000 + TKFE for a total of around $450 where I am.
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    Feb 1, 2022
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    Hampshire, England
    If you can, get two of the same racquet once you know you like it.

    Astrox 77 or 88 current models would be close to your original Astrox 77. (Game, tour, pro, look further into it)

    Seeing as you are a tall and Accurate player, then you could make the Nanoflare 1000z work for you (see if you can get one to test before committing to buy). Downside is that it is expensive, but if you are comfortable with it it will suit you well in doubles and singles.
  4. Budi

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    Feb 10, 2019
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    4 year are long time friends....
    Pretty sure your old level had degrade now & high likely your style & preference would change to.

    But anyway welcome back to the games.

    For the racket itself, i would say just get the low end one for now. Adapting & fitting yourself again after 4 years, see how you play now & then start looking for racket that fit your gameplay today.

    Maybe if you like the low end, it could save you some money to.
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  5. NickifiedNg

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    Dec 24, 2021
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    The low end models right now also perform really well compared to the pro models. Definitely recommend you look into them, maybe something user friendly would be arcsaber7 game, 88s game or 77 game are user and budget friendly, and if th3y don't break will probably even suit you years down the road
  6. Vivek Bagadhi

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    Solapur, India
    Nanoflare 1000 Game, this is what I would recommend to a person who has started playing after a pretty long time like me, a Yonex medium shaft(it is mid stiff) even balance(slightly head lighter but a pretty thick width head) racket. It comes in 4U and a lower price point too. If want a higher price point then maybe consider the Arc 7 pro.

    I wouldnt suggest you any head heavier racquets, just because it is easier to use, develop technique and have a relaxed wrist with even balance racquets. Try to develop a relaxed wrist smash with finger power i.e squeezing your three lower fingers, just before the impact(you will develop a feel for it) like a trigger, near the butt cap.

    A reminder, take care of your lower back by warming up before your games. I snapped mine a couple of days ago due to being late and not doing my warmup routine before my games. It hurts a lot and takes so much bloody time to recover (and even though it hurts, the silly me straps an LS belt on and goes to play just because it feels good being able to play again). Enjoy your games. Cheers
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