Racket/String break while stringing

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    Hi, actually this thread already exist on the Stringing technique subforum but im not sure if everyone gonna check and reply there so i'll post here
    As the title suggest, what happen to us if :
    1.Brand new racket break while stringing (Still in recommended tension)
    2.Brand new racket break while stringing (Outside recommended tension)
    3.String break while stringing
    4.Old racket break while stringing(In recommended tension)
    5.Old racket break while stringing(Outside recommended tension)
    6.Online purchase, as a seller, new racket break in/outside recommended tension before the racket get shipped(I think seller will almost get a payback/new one in this occasion?)
    7.Fake/Copy racket break while stringing
    Anyone have experience regarding to these?Just curious tho.
    Will the shop give us a new one?Or will it take back the racket and claim warranty to the distributor/brand?Or we'll lose everything and just accept it?:D
    I myself have experience string break while stringing twice, both on manual/analog stringing machine, requested 28lbs, the first time it happen in front of me, shop owner and stringer just stay quiet and keep the stringing moving on and they tie it to 6 knots finally, only takes 3/4 sessions to break the string (LN No 1) and the second time i was just leaving the racket and when i get back and take my racket i saw another 6 knots (different shop) but because i dont want to be a burden i just let it pass, stringer also just stay quiet and act like nothing happens tho :D
    Please share your experience and logic/feel about those situation
    I'm very curious tho, how does it look from the shop owner standpoint when this things happen, you dont want to pay for a broken string/racket dont you :D
    Thankyou, stay safe and stay healthy guys.
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