Racket crack its not a point.

Discussion in 'Broken Rackets' started by Kilovatzp, May 31, 2023.

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    For some time along last year, while playing badminton was impossible and just dangerous. I was looking what to do, and remember that I have some cracked rackets, for the experiments in repearing. It was interesting to fix them without balance lost and make high tension, like manufactory recomended or even higher.
    And after some losts, the result satisfy me.
    On the attached photo, not the best racket, but its a big job. Repared in 3 places, no balance lost, strung for 32 lbs (factory 38....but its all bla-bla)

    If the topic will have some interest, will paste more photos of fixed rackets. photo_2023-05-31_23-37-24.jpg

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