NEWS: Badminton players feel the heat in steamy Glasgow

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    with the higher indoor temperature, shouldn't they need slower speed shuttles than what they have plan for?
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    Badminton players feel the heat in steamy Glasgow

    Glasgow (ANTARA News) - Badminton officials breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday as on-court temperatures which had risen to stifling 30C on the opening day of Sudirman Cup world team tournament dipped to more comfortable levels.

    As the world's best players battled on court on Monday night it might have been a steamy Asian venue not the Scotstoun Leisure Centre, eight kms from the centre of Glasgow.

    Though temperatures outside were a pleasant 23C, in the cramp confines of the sports arena (capacity 2,000) conditions were extremely testing for players, officials, spectators and media alike.

    China coach Li Yongbo called the venue "not professional" compared with previous hosts though he said players and coaches were used to heat.

    English women's double players Donna Kellogg and Gail Emms described the arena with its seven courts as "hotter than Asia" with Kellogg quipping: "Where's the air conditioning in Scotland.?"

    Tournament referee Keith Hawthorne blamed the "extraordinarily hot weather".

    He told Reuters on Tuesday: "I couldn't put the blowers (fans) on in the hall because it affected the speed of the shuttle.

    "I tried testing the shuttle in the evening session with the blowers on and it was a good foot faster from one end to the other."

    He sympathised with players and spectators but pointed out that in Britain it was not practical to go to the "mega expense" of a large-scale air conditioning unit which might only be needed once every two or three years.

    On Tuesday morning, outside temperatures had dropped to 17C and conditions in the arena were much more comfortable.

    Badminton Scotland chief executive Anne Smillie, the championship director, said in a statement: "Every other comment has been favourable and both ourselves and the Badminton World Federation are delighted with the event so far."

    Scots hope the episode will not affect Glasgow's prospects of hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games where they face a rival bid from the Nigerian capital of Abuja.

    If Scotland win the bid later this year, the badminton event will be staged at a new National Indoor Arena in the east of the city.

    The Sudirman Cup has attracted to Glasgow around 500 players representing 48 nations. The final is on Sunday. (*)

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