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Discussion in 'Hong Kong / Chinese Taipei / China Open 2003' started by Morten, Oct 25, 2003.

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    May 5, 2002
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    interesting matches in HK Open in MS will be

    Chen Hong-Bao. Here i think Chen hongs attacks will take out Bao, but Bao also has a chance 70/30%

    Shon-Gade. Gade should win this, he's getting better and better and despite shon's 5 seedet i think Gade is a better player 75/25%

    Lin Dan-Hafiz. Lin Dan is hot favourite 90/10%

    kuncoro-kaldau. Kaldau had done well but i think sony is to strong 70/30%

    Boesen-Ng wei. This match is pretty equal in my opinion 45/55%

    Taufik-Susilo Taufik has to proove his world class to get some points for olympic 65/35%

    Lee-Roslin lee has the advantage here 75/25%

    What do you think about these i wrong

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