I Played with the Air Shuttle! Check out the results

Discussion in 'Shuttlecock' started by Borkya, May 7, 2020.

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    I didn’t find the air shuttle fun at all even in light wind days which it was specifically designed for.

    I ended up modifying a feather shuttle by adding a bit of weight to it and then clippe

    I also made the mistake of buying a tube of 3.

    I gave all the air shuttles away as I would rather play a modified feather (added weight) outdoors.

    100% agree with you,I wouldn’t bother wasting time trying to see how the air shuttle plays indoors. I always tell my kids never to use the badminton racket to hit anything other than a shuttlecock as anything other than a shuttle can damage it. Everytime I hit the air shuttle, I felt like a hypocrite
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    I use it to hit a lot of flies :D:D:cool:
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    Jul 17, 2020
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    Sadly I have to say, that my clubmates and I put a lot of hope on air Badminton, with a big disappointment at the end. The few promotion videos looked promising, kind of a lot of fun playing outdoors, on sand or beach courts or even on grass. During corona lockdown with closed gyms it seemed to be a way out. Playing outdoors without depending so much from the wind. But unfortunately, and as almost a rule for nowadays promotion campains, the advantages are exaggerated and the disadvantages not mentioned. It is said, that they are playable until windspeed up to 12 kmh. I have a wind speed meter. I can easily check, and the promise is not true. The improvement ... yes, there is some improvement, but not very significant. If you do not just want to kill time and jump around with children, but wanna play sort of real Badminton, you need more or less windless weather conditions. But that is not, what is promised and shown in the promotion videos. I believe, they are all made in windless conditions. Furthermore, this shuttle breaks quite fast, and as it costs about double the price of any other nylon shuttle, that was disappointing too. We spent some money and effort in organising and buying stuff for outdoor courts, and tried these air shuttles several times, but either were switching to standard nylon shuttles like Mavis 350 or giving up because of the wind and changing to beach volleyball. Almost nobody liked this shuttle.
    It might be kind of a new game on sand, with the adapted rules, but meanwhile the idea itself is kind of interesting (playing on sand), and playing triples 3:3, but either the wind allows to play with nylons, or the wind is too strong for this new air Badminton shuttle as well. May be 2-3 kmh difference in wind speed can be compensated, if not less. And the price, combined with the poor durability, ruins the remaining pleasure.
    I would rate the air badminton shuttle as a marketing gag to make new money. Far away from being a technical good solution in windy environment. What a ****.
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