Historic badminton rankings (pre 2009)

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    I am currently interested in old badminton rankings. The current official archive only goes back until 2009. see here (see the dropdown): https://bwf.tournamentsoftware.com/ranking/ranking.aspx?rid=70

    I already tried to find aways to unveil old rankings. Therefore I researched the old websites of the world federation. One old website of the world federation was intbadfed.org.
    Through the web archive (a project that archives websites), some old rankings can be seen. it seems that over the various years, rankings were shown at the following urls:

    These ulrs can be fed into the web archive to show old rankings: http://web.archive.org

    my question now is: do you know other websites where old rankings can be found? Or other old websites were in the past ranking were shown (these could be useful to search through the web archive)?

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