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    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
    I'm Sourav from India... I've been practicing badminton since over 6 years, (4 years continuos and 2 years with gaps due to studies pressure and injuries)... I've played 3 tournaments, and I've lost all of them in the first round... Currently, I'm busy for my University Entrance Examinations and my 12th grade National Exams in January and March respectively... I wish to pursue my career in Badminton seriously, hence I'm going to sweat it out from May 2020... I just need a coach who can help me, support me and motivate me to achieve my dreams... It's a kind request to any badminton coaches from Bengaluru to please help me... I'll give my 1000% for my dreams, please accept me as a student...
    Thank you...
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