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    Aug 24, 2019
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    Chennai, India
    Hey ya'll ! I'm karan from chennai, India.. been playing badminton since childhood. Started as a casual thingy and when I reached my 'teen, I developed a certain interest towards the game and worked on my skills. Then took a break from the sport due to higher studies abroad and now I'm back at it.

    It's been 6 months now and I am looking forward to step-up and take it to the next level. I would consider myself an intermediate/advanced player, but my fitness during play is my only concern, which I will soon start working on.

    I haven't played any tournaments so far, but there is one coming up this 1st of September, 2019 where I will be looking forward to test/assess my level of play. Looking forward to meet up with the locals in the community and around chennai and keep me updated on events. Cheers !!
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