Have 3 different types of racket, can't decide which one to go for.

Discussion in 'Racket Recommendation / Comparison' started by xamde, Aug 28, 2022.

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    I now mainly play Singles but also occasionally play Doubles. I am a passive control player who rarely smash. Somehow, I manage to have 3 different rackets (As77, BS12, DriveX 9X), and they are in different categories (head-heavy, headlight, even balance). Embarrassingly, I still don't know which one supposes to be my main racket that suit my playstyle the most. Seeing Kento Momota using Astrox 99 even confuses me more. So, I end up being influenced by the internet and go with the popular one.

    Here are my take for the rackets:

    BS12 - This is my main racket now. The main reason I use as my main is because its popularity and I like defensive playstyle. I think my defense and my reaction is faster with this racket. However, compared to other rackets I have, it seems to lack the responsive feel, and hard to control in some occasion. Smash also feels weak.

    As77 - My secondary racket. I will switch to this racket every time my BS12 string broke. What I feel immediately is more power. My smash and clear pack a good punch with a solid sound. However, it is slower and heavier than BS12.

    DriveX 9X - My first racket, which I got recommended by the shop owner. I rarely touch this racket as no one talks about it on the internet (I don't understand why nobody talks about DriveX series). However, I quiet like the feeling of this racket. Opposite from BS12, the feeling is very soft and responsive. I think this racket give me the stability vibe. However, the reviews are very mix bags for this racket. Many said it is too stiff and hard to play with, while some said the otherwise.

    So, I know that this is quiet shameful that I just got influenced by the internet and can't decide even I have all the rackets in hand. Any advice is very welcome.
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    Forget the popularity, ignore all others comment, dont ever care for which pros player use it.
    With everything in neutral state, play with all 3, close your eye, & think carefully which of the 3 you enjoy the most.
    Remember you are you, me are me, him are him. We all different & even among pros they use different racket & not to mention pros player get sponsor & sometimes the brand itself dictate the players should use this to promote the racket. So dont even bother with all those hype, but look at your inner self.
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    Generally speaking you don't see many (and if you see them they are not overly positive) reviews of even-balanced control rackets at the moment.
    This seems to be a trend which have been going back to (at least) the release of the Astrox range.
    My personal theory is that people are being a bit blinded by racket which are very good at one specific thing (which the pro's themselves focus on), such as head-heavy for power or head-light for speed.

    However control rackets try and do a bit of everything, and often require a great deal from the player - specially for the player to feel anything special. Compared to a Astrox 77 which straight out of the gate gives you a feeling of more power.

    If you like the feeling of the DriveX use it! It is a shame to have a great racket laying about, if you like playing with it - based on specs and feedback from others - it sounds as if it would suite your playstyle.

    Ignore the internet, if you are not at the same level as Victor Axelsen or Momota it makes little sense comparing to them.
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    My advice is to use a racquet and a string that YOU enjoy playing with.

    Maybe give a racquet a second go a month after you say "don't like it" just to be sure.

    Can you serve with the racquet, do you feel comfortable defending? Can you clear, drop, smash, play at the net and lift well with it?

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