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    Just before the Sudirman Cup and Worldchampionships, China badminton team made a self evaluation and coach evaluations for all players. Following are some of them:

    Ji Xingpeng(self evaluation): Too much social activities after Olympics, no normal training since. Thanks God, I've finally got my feelings back in this 20 days training in QingDao. If I had not beat other team members, I would not have a chance to go this time. Anyway, I want the world champion, but I have also prepared for first round exit.

    Coach: Ji Xingpeng lost fighting spirit after Olympics. Now, although he is still away from his best form, he is ready to fight for the honor of Olympic Champion.

    Xia Xuanze: Sudirman is differnt from Thomas, one loss could change all. Anyhow, I am ready to go. I was aggressive when I was young. Now not anymore. World champion is good, but it is not easy to get.

    Coach: Xia Xuanze is an offensive attacker. He is good only if physically ready. He's better and better recently, but still distant away from the form he got in Olympic.

    Chen Hong: I know a lot of people bet on me. I had many opportunities several years ago, but could not grap them. I lost too many easy matches. Now Xingpeng and Xuanze are famous, but I didn't even have a chance to participate Olympic. The basic reason still is that my techniques not that comprehensive, and not enough self confidence. I always doubt myself when I am playing. Now this time, I would like to see how far I can go.

    Coach: Chen Hong is in the best form now. His attack is extremly powerful. He used to give up when his attack met some resistance. That was why he lost many matches before even he had comfortable lead first. Things've changed since the begining of this year. He matured a lot now.
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    Very accurate evaluations which can be easily seen. If they

    really overcome their problems, they will be very dangerous

    indeed.Chen Hong is even underestimating himself!
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    What about Chen Yu who got a tough draw, especially in the first two round. Playing a seed in the first round, then Wong from Malaysian, the former number two in the world ranking (last year).

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