Carlton AirBlade or other racket?

Discussion in 'Racket Recommendation / Comparison' started by Andy, May 4, 2001.

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    I just bought Carlton AirBlade 400 racket. I think is great but the only thing i don't like is that weight 95g. Is that bad or good? Other racket which are cheaper then AirBlade 400 weight less.
    Should I buy AirBalde 600 Ti, or should I wait and buy new racket next year. There isn't so much choise in shops becouse season end.

    Which badminton racket do you recommend?
    What do you think about TACTICracket or (Forza, ...)?

    I play badminton once to twice a week or less. I play it very well and I don't like to spend a LOT of money for racket. I would like to have racket which is allrounder, if you now what i mean.
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    Hi Andy!
    Whether the weight of 95 g is "good" or "bad", only you can decide. It's not light, but it's not overly heavy either. I don't know much about the Airblade 400 other than it's Carlton's entry-level all-graphite racquet. So it should be a good racquet for beginners to intermediate players. If you still have the factory strings installed, have it restrung properly -- that will really make a difference. My suggestion is that you keep it til next season, learn to play it well, and by then you can probably get one of this years top models at a very good price.
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    Andy, see my review of the AB 600Ti in the reviews section. It is also around 95g and is quite head heavy, more so than any other racquet I have tried. While I think, from the one time I played with it, that the AB 600Ti is a decent and fairly powerful racquet, it does not seem like it would be that fundamentally different from your AB 400. Is it the weight of the racquet or the balance/weight distribution of the racquet that is giving you problems?

    Since you are not looking to spend too much money, I would have your 400 restrung as Mag recommends and additionally, if you are finding it a bit too head-heavy, put an overgrip on it, which should swing the balance a touch more away from the head.

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