BWF audit and players union.

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    Does this bwf organisation gets audited for suspision of corruptions?

    Also there should be a players union as watchdog. The bad calls from umpires are awful. I wonder how the umpires are selected? Money power?. ;)
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    BWF is checked by the national federations, as well as the IOC. And of course, as usual in cases of corruption, the police would investigate if given a credible tip.

    A union is for employees. The players are not employees of the BWF, although some may be employees of their national federation.

    But there is an Athlete's Commission, which seems to be what you want. If you are an active BWF ranked player, you can simply message them. Players are not that interested in BWF internals though. That's more the interests of national federations and the IOC. Players tend to want better tournament environments (e.g. knowing early when to play next, better hotels, etc.), higher price money, and better auxiliary support (language learning, finding new sponsors, etc.).

    Do you have any numbers on that? There recently was a really bad call in a Men's Singles final, which many people watched. But a bad call is a bad call, no matter whether it is happening in the MS final or a R32 WD. I see no evidence that the number of bad calls has risen. On the contrary, due to the 360° umpire appraisals, I feel that the umpire quality is currently the highest it has ever been.

    To become an umpire at an international tournament, you first have to be suggested by your national federation. National federations have different criteria, but typically they want to see 3 years of (very) active service at the highest national level, and excellent evaluations from national assessors.
    Then, after you pass a written test and an on-court assessment over multiple matches, you are an international umpire of the lowest level.
    Then, you need to umpire a lot of matches. You are always evaluated by the referee, and also get regular evaluations from assessors. If everything looks good over some time, you can take the test for the next level. There are 4 grades for international umpires, at least in Europe and Asia. The top matches seen on TV are only available for second-highest and highest level (BWF accredited / BWF certified) umpires.
    Once you are at that level, you are regularly evaluated; about half of the top tournaments will have a dedicated umpire assessor.

    The umpires for the semifinals and finals are not selected by the BWF, but by the referee. The referee looks at the qualification and performance of the umpire at the tournament, and then makes a plan.

    If you believe that money would be involved in umpire selection, frankly, you are delusional. Tests and assessments are done by independent assessors. Referees and Umpires love their sport, and love the rules. While many desire to umpire the final matches, there is absolutely no financial incentive to umpire such a match, and it is quite stressful.

    Do you have any evidence of your allegations?
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