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Discussion in 'Techniques / Training' started by Magwitch, Apr 16, 2020.

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    I have seen footage of doubles players quickly running off and getting a replacement racquet by the court when they break a string. Let's assume here that this is not an option, whether because you are playing singles or whatever. What differently should you do during a rally if you realize you've broken a string? I understand that broken strings are not nearly as serious an issue as in tennis. Typically if a tennis player breaks a string at the baseline they sprint to the net and try to pulverize the next volley to finish the rally immediately.
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    Assuming its Pro player where they use pretty high tension, hammering the next shot is kinda bad in my opinion.
    Frame strength is come from when all string pulling together into the center equally. Broken string will weaken those strength as the string pulling differently. Pretty sure some here had experience that they broke their frame instantly when their string broke when use much higher tension.
    Well, ofcourse pro dont have to worry for their next racket as they had sponsor but even so, it wont give them the best power to kill the shot, unless ofcourse the opponent give really bad return for a kill.

    So the best option would be to try hitting up high in the sky to get some time for you to run & get backup racket.

    Thats my opinion, but others might be different
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    I've never thought about the damaging frame aspect whilst playing tbh, but I only string to 26lbs and have thankfully never damaged a frame.
    I do make sure to cut the strings straight away though.
    Having said that, I would never try and hammer the next shot because you've lost a lot of power/control with a broken string anyway.
    I would try and keep the attack, but giving a greater margin of error in the shot.
    At the front court, net kills/drives are ok for the most part, but I wouldn't try a net shot, again for the same reasons. An attempted tight net shot might just go into the net, and anything looser will get pounced on, so I would lift if they played a net shot.
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    There are a couple videos of Lin Dan playing out points where his string has snapped. Probably about 50/50 on winning the rallies, but the strategy he uses is to use more clears and half-smash/fast drops with a decent margin for error. Avoiding smashes and nets completely since those require too much precision and will tip the balance completely in your opponents favour if you get them slightly wrong.

    Not a huge amount you can do but hope your opponent makes a mistake basically.

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