Blacklight Cup Munich 2019

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    Munich, Germany
    Have you ever tried playing Badminton in the dark ?

    ESV Munich is offering just that on the 21st-22nd of December in Munich.

    The entire gym is illuminated with blacklight. The feather shuttlecocks (tournament grade) are dyed so they glow brightly in the dark under UV-light. Lines and nets are lined with special neon tape.
    It's an all-night (8pm-8am) fun doubles tournament for amateur players sporting a cocktail bar and a barbecue.
    The double pairs are mixed for each round, so you don't need to sign-up as a double.
    English speaking players are welcome. If there's a problem with the (German) sign-up page just write an email to

    Important: You must sign up in advance and early !
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