Astrox 100 Game stiffness

Discussion in 'Racket Recommendation / Comparison' started by NickifiedNg, Apr 10, 2022.

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    Would the 100game be a decent performer if I wanted the 100zz but in a more flexible shaft. I personally prefer Medium flex rackets . And the zz was certainly too stiff for my liking.

    I currently use JNice BP as my main, nanoflare 800, Jetspeed s12ii and Astrox 88SP
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    I think the Play would be too soft. I've tried S pro and 99 play. The pro is plenty stiff but the Play reminds me of the voltric 5. Entry level racket flex. I've not tried any Tour or Game models to be able to comment further.

    Edit :why I mentioned Play when you said Game I don't know.
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    I've tried 100ZZ, tour and game. imo, game is the easiest to play with since the shaft is a tad more flexible than the tour and zz version but not by much. Still requires a lot of power to bring it's full potential tho, so I wouldn't recommend anyone with injury or physically weaker player to pick up Astrox 100. My main racket is BP 4U as well so compared to 100game.
    This is my feeling playing with 100game 4U (3-4 hours) and BP 4U (5-6 months)
    - 100game have similar shaft stiffness as BP but i found 100game to be stiffer while playing
    - Similar balance point as well (my feeling anyway)
    -100game air speed is considerably slower than BP (obviously)
    -100game pack a bit more smashing power, but require more power to generate decent to good smash compared to BP.

    The feeling of 100ZZ and 100game is completely different. 100ZZ are more head heavy and more solid feeling on impact. Stiffer shaft ofcourse. Price is also a factor, but I wouldn't say 100game is a more flexible 100ZZ imo.

    In my honestly opinion, if budget is not an issue. I would suggest you look into Victor TK-F enhanced edition instead.

    I hope this answer your question.

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